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For Those With Early Generation SVs

But... I do want to toss in that some f1s are total loves when they have their babies. Both of my girls are good tempered about me being in with them. I know I am very lucky though.


SVs are not normal cats... I treat mine like dogs with cat like abilities.
I think this is the reason why I love the breed so much. I come from a background of dog training and being a dog lover and a cat hater. Then I moved into a place where I could not have dogs and searched for a dog-like cat (found Solo) and now I have Kronos. I have raised them both as if they are dogs as well, but I admit I am much less strict with them than I am with Coco... and I now spread my love of animals equal among dogs and cats :)

I feel ashamed for ever thinking that cats are no fun, because the only ones I ever knew were all so independent and pissy.