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Forest fires


Staff member
An hour north of me, 5 massive forest fires are burning. A half million acres are predicted to be affected before all fires are contained. Estimate of containment for the largest fires is Sept.-Oct.
Air quality in my area all the way down to San Francisco is hazardous to health. All outdoor activities have been cancelled. Smoke is so thick headlights are necessary to drive on the freeway.

The cats are going stir crazy being cooped up in the house. My heart goes out to those who are losing homes and lives. Prayers for the firefighters who are putting their lives on the line for all our sakes.

I flew over the fires on my way home from Europe on Sunday. Terrifying to see.


Staff member
Wow, that is terrible! My father was a fireman and I remember being scared every time the alarm went off.

Yes, prayers for everyone involved...stay safe and entertain the cats ;)

Todd L

Savannah Super Cat
My wife and I are moving to el dorado hills California this Sunday. I got a huge promotion at work. Thats and hour and a half east of San Francisco. I wonder how bad it is thr. I arrive next Tuesday. 3 day drive from Missouri.

I got medicine from the vet to calm the kitties. I know there not gonna enjoy those 3 days.

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Staff member
How scary Deborah! Prayers comingyour way that you and the kitties stay safe.



No wonder I've started having asthma issues here in SF...

Hope where you are is safe, Deborah!


I was just thinking this, my ragdoll has allergy issues and they've gotten really bad in the last couple of days. I'm in the East Bay, pretty far away, and surrounded by water, but that's a long way for that smoke to travel :(


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Todd, big congrats! Hope the drive goes ok...

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I see the wildfire is growing and zero percent contained. How are you doing Deborah and Todd?