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There is discussion on regarding Fortiflora that I want to share here. I used to use Fortiflora as a probiotic but have since switched to another brand. On a minor note, there's no way to know from where the "animal digest" in FF comes from. But for your larger consideration:

*FF contains only 1 type of bacteria -- Enterococcus faecium use of which is controversial because "enterococci, because can be opportunistic pathogens and probiotic strains of enterococci are able to transfer the vanA gene; the gene responsible for vancomycin resistance."

Other brands that are better: Mega Flora (from
Garden of Life Primal Defense (from Amazon)


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I got some of the Probios to try on my cats because Fortiflora was way expensive. The price is right and the cats are eating it, so that's always a good thing. I liked that it has more or the baterial species in it than the fortiflora. So far, no problems with the cats using it. Thanks for pointing me in that direction B. (Actually Paige did, but she said you gave her the information on it.) :)


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I am using up the pet probiotics I have and then will switch...thanks for the heads up Deborah...