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Four of Seven Savannah Kittens - 6 Weeks Old


Staff member
Thank you all! But you haven't seen Ixas' brothers, who look like him ;) Cinny is a beautiful girl! And yes, she is pretty big, but Ixas, Poseidon and Zeus are huge...and Dracos is such a doll as is Tau...Dracos is in full fuzzies...he cries to be held, falls asleep in my arms and is just such a little doll


Site Supporter
I'm sure I would fall head over heels over each one if I saw them in person but dang I'm 3000 miles away :(


Staff member
DChap, we should just get on a plane and show up at Paige's and beg her to let us frolic amongst the fuzzies. YOLO (you only live once) yanno. And so what if a kitten or two happens to go missing and somehow ends up in our carryons that look suspiciously like carriers....