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Freeze dried chicken hearts...

Pam and Will

Savannah Super Cat
Hey folks!

Any input on these :
"Fresh is Best Freeze dried chicken hearts"

Our boys go INSANE.. TALKING OF THE WALL :in love: for these things! LOL I looked and the company is US based and says all ingredients come from US farms only. I avoid any foods from China...

If your looking for a good treat or just something to perk up their dinner now and again my boys will certainly endorse these tasty (or as Pam calls them.. OMG disgusting! :sick:)


Savannah Super Cat
Yes, mine love could save yourself some money and buy real chicken hearts :)
I gave Zubi a raw heart the other he won't even touch the rest of his dinner till he is absolutely certain that there are no hearts on the menu!


Staff member
They definitely love hearts... Thing is that hearts have lots of taurine and are very good for the cats...

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