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Fresh is Best

has anyone used any of the fresh is best freeze dried products? They seem to have great reviews.ive attached a couple photos of available items.


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Both of my cats are totally addicted to the following from Fresh is Best:
Duck Tenders
Duck Hearts
Duck Necks (just Rafiki - Jammu thinks that they are weird)
Chicken Tenders
Chicken Hearts

They prefer the duck over the chicken.
They have also had the Chicken Giblets. They ate them but it wasn't as big of a hit.
They wanted nothing to do with the beef products.

I buy them from "gulfcoastpetsupplies" on Ebay. They are also one of the sellers on Amazon. Zero shipping costs regardless.


Savannah Super Cat
I may have to try these, but Venus has been so picky I have my doubts. Luckily Tess will eat anything that Venus passes on.

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