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Freya (F5 SBT) has been accepted into the family.


Savannah Adult

Freya has stopped having to kick the big cats off their towers, instead preferring to hide in a sleeping bag that is a permanent fixture on our couch (mostly because the cats like it.) She loves to snuggle down inside it for warmth, and peek out.


Relations with Mara have done nothing but improve. Freya's gone from sleeping on Mara to being Mara's pillow. Honestly, I couldn't have asked for a better new-cat-integration than this.


Rita's always been the hermit of the family, preferring to be alone and tolerating the presence of humans in Her Bed only at nighttime, so Rita's been hard to convince that bringing home the kitten was a good idea. After one terrifying afternoon of me vacuuming the whole house, they came to a sort of truce. Rita accepts Freya, now, but she still wants to keep an eye on the loud, energetic newcomer.


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Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Glad to hear the other kitties have accepted Freya, and doing so well together. The proof is in your adorable pics :)


Animal Communicator
What adorable fur babies! Looks like Freya has assimilated into your family well. How sweet:in love:


Staff member
Sounds like things are progessing wonderfully, so glad Freya is fitting in so well!