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Freya, F5 SBT who charmed everyone


Savannah Adult
So here we see my 4 year old rescue, Mara, teaching little Freya int he Path of the Lazy. The young padawan learns fast... The sleep is strong with this one.
bestest buds.jpg freya with mara.jpg

Freya also greatly enjoys belly rubs and takes every opportunity to remind me of that fact.
floppy kitty.jpg

This is actually the first picture I ever took of her... We'd just climbed into the car and the husband was fetching the cat carrier, and Freya started panting something awful. She did NOT like the summer heat!!
it's hooooooooot.jpg

And of course, she likes to kill anything that dangles.
kill the fish.jpg

She also has 1337 gaming skillz
mad deeps.jpg want to play CoD.jpg

She's always good for a laugh.
my spine hurts.jpg

While our black cat, Mara, loves the little scamp, our other rescue, Rita, remained leery for quite some time. Freya likes to assure Rita that she is mostly harmless.
ohai how you doin.jpg

And one more sleepy kitty pic.... because being a kitten is very hard work!
sleepeh kitteh.jpg


Site Supporter
Sleep is definitely strong with that one! A fellow sleep jedi....