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Fun times


Savannah Super Cat
As I sit here quietly giggling, my husband to going from room to room securing the floor registers back down to the floor with small pieces of 3M two way tape :) Keegan has figured out how to lift them out of the floor, I'm guessing it's easier to put the toys down the hole if the grate is out of the way! Wonder how many of his mice are in our duct work?? Laugh
Hi Anne, I had a litter of F7 kittens that figured out how to lift the heat vent register and they went DOWN the vent and disconnected the heat ducting from itself so that they had enough room to squeeze out of the heat ducts and into the floor board area. they managed to get into a roof part of the house that hung over the front door entry.
I was outside and could hear footsteps in my soffits !! I thought I had rats or squirrels nesting in there and got a male friend to come and check it out for me. He took the soffits apart ( big job) and there were these two little monkeys running around having so much fun !!!!
So now my vents have been drilled and screwed right into the floor.
PS it was not easy to fix the heating duct that had come apart in a place that was not easily accessed without taking flooring apart!!!


Savannah Super Cat
I shouldn't laugh, but I can only imagine the look on your face when you found them :) Your so lucky you found when you did! So far the 3M tape is working!!


Staff member
Anne, that is amazing1 So far, my guys do not get into double like that!!! And Teresa...I cannot believe those little monkeys did that...I can only imagine the job of taking everything apart and then putting it back together and drilling it to prevent naught SV's from accessing...I know it's not funny, sounds funny tri tongue:
It was really a lot of work.. omg.. If the basement wasn't finished we could have gone through the ceiling there to get them..but it was.. so we had to take some of the flooring out in the livingroom and the soffits off the outside of the house.. and they are that thin aluminum stuff that NEVER goes back to it's original shape!!
I sold one of them as a breeder to a "friend' lol lol..
that is one way to sever a friendship..


How funny! What smart kitties we have huh? Kronos loves lifting the lid to the garbage can to see what is inside lol.