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Funny Animals


Staff member
Some of those really had me laughing, but the ferret scenes really struck a chord - I 'lost' a fairly expensive necklace to a ferret thief. Of course the ferret was forgiven, but I miss wearing that necklace to this day...


Animal Communicator
Oh ferrets, what thieves.

The dog barking at the cat and then screaming when the cat chased it made me laugh...although that would drive me nutty if it were my pets. I used to dogsit an adorable westie for years. When Zeddie came along I hoped they would get along well enough for me to continue dogsitting her, but she would bark at Zeddie and chase her, and it was just like that clip...Zeddie would growl and chase her back and the westie would scream for her life :lol: Neither ever got hurt, but they did it constantly and it drove me crazy, so I stopped watching her


Some of it was funny, but some made me sad. In particular, the fat cat that fell in the tub, and instead of helping him out, they sat there and laughed. So mean! And why did you let your cat get so fat? Feed it better food and take care of it, bozo!

Sorry, sometimes "funny" has the opposite effect on me. :-/