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To give you an idea of a scammer. Once upon a time, I wanted to buy a PWC. And the picture showed the PWC was registered in Michigan. So I emailed them I would drive up to see it as it was only 2 hours away.
And that's when to bullsh*t run around stories started. And that's when the insistence of an escrow agent started. And they weren't in Michigan but in Europe on business not coming back for a year, etc.......
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Ok so I said I wanted to come get the kittens myself because I wanted them to travel with me, this is the response I got back.

Thanks for the reply,so you can make the payments for the deposit through western union. After deposit we can arrange for a date for you to come pick them up if you like or we can still ship them to you is your decision. So please below is the western union address for you to send the deposit so that we can start all paperworks.
Names:Samantha Jacques
52 Fulham Road | Fulham, London SW3 6HH
London - England
United Kingdom.
Amount: 3325$
Please do send us a clear copy of the western union payment receipt so that we can verify the payment and get along with all arrangements
Thanks and waiting for your reply.


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Hey, look at the bottom of the stud page. It says copyright A1Savannahs! LOL!
Yah we know all of this... I have filed a DMCA form with the hosting company.... Did all of this last week and they still have not removed it... So today I filed with Google for them to remove the site, due to copyright infringement... They have stolen the entire pages from other breeders like Amara savannahs and F1 hybrids


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Yes... Hopefully not for much longer

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