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Future F2 Owner


Staff member
Welcome! You are right - no knowledge is ever wasted and the more you know about the breed, the better! Congrats for learning as much as you can and doing your homework!


Chirps & Massive Headbutts
Nice. I bet you are excited.

I got an F2 male (Shango) a little over 2 months ago. He keeps me busy everyday in all of the good ways!


Staff member
Welcome kravenheart! Do you have a kitty already picked out that you can share pics of, or are you still searching for that perfect baby?


Savannah Super Cat
Thank you all!

I am extremely excited about this. All my life I have had pets around me, lots of pets. But since I took this job, I havent been able to have any animals. Now that its almost over, I can't wait! I'll be marrying my fiancee and the kitten is going to be our first "kid"

Unfortunatly we don't have the kitten picked out yet. But we have been talking to a great breeder, and will be getting a kitten from her next cycle.


Savannah Super Cat
Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and future fur baby! My husband brought Triton (F2, and Shango's brother) home just over 2 weeks ago. We just love this little guy!