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FYI: T.foetus



In case some are not familiar with this, and since it was not mentioned during recent discussions about chronic loose, unformed, malodorous, or diarrhetic stools, I though it would be useful to post it. It probably belongs in the Vets' Corner or Cat Health subsections, and might be moved at some point, but it will initially get more exposure here.

Please reference the following link,

and click on the following links for information:


Submission of Samples for T. foetus PCR Testing

Click here for a sample submission form
Click here for answers to commonly-asked technical questions about our PCR test
When submitted to our laboratory all proceeds from PCR testing go to support research on T. foetus infection.

Up-to-date and comprehensive information about the treatment and diagnosis of feline T. foetus infection

An owners guide to diagnosis and treatment of feline T. foetus infection.
Educational Videos on Sample Collection and Analysis for Diagnosis of T. foetus

Videomicroscopy of T. foetus and Giardia spp. in feces
How to inoculate and prepare an In PouchTF culture for diagnosis of T. foetus
Fecal sample collection for diagnosis of T. foetus infection using the colon flush technique


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Guys please post in the appropriate places, so we don't have to keep moving posts.

We have many, many posts on this subject and this is another good one

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