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Gabapentin for vet stress

I have an 11 lb, extremely muscular male F3 Savannah. I’ve recently started using a mobile vet. The first visit, I had him in his carrier and initially she and her assistant were having difficulty getting out of the carrier. When they succeeded, he was bouncing off the walls and aggressive. Personally, I think the masks they were wearing added to his anxiety and the fact I was not allowed to be with him due to social distancing. He’s incredibly strong and they decided rather than stress him more to come back in a week.
The vet prescribed Gabapentin to give to him 1.5 hrs before she comes again. The dose is 2- 100 mg caps. Is 200 mg too much for an 11lb cat? She’s a cat vet so I’d assume she knows what she’s prescribing, but he’s a Savannah and I’m wondering if that matters?
Thanks for any guidance.


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It really depends on the individual cat, just like with people.
100mg made my 10lb F2 girl so drunk she couldn’t walk.
200mg just takes the edge off my 16lb F1. enough to get her to the vet for sedation. And yet 300mg on a 10ish lb very high strung F5 girl didn’t touch her the least little bit.