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Generational Question Re: Personality


Savannah Super Cat
Thanks again to everyone for patiently answering my questions :) One of the questions my husband and I have as we are choosing a Savannah kitten is about personality.

We understand that each cat is an individual, but then we read about (general) Savannah traits that many people seem to talk about: inquisitiveness, wanting to be part of your activities, playfulness, high energy level, etc.

When you go from a higher generation Savannah to a lower generation Savannah, particularly regarding SBTs, do you lose some of those traits because of the distance from the serval ancestor? Or as you breed Savannah to Savannah, do you retain those personality traits?

I do understand that each cat is an individual - so we understand that this could vary from kitten to kitten - but are just wondering if there are general personality differences by generation and what those differences are.
Thank you!
Intensity. You may lose intensity by f6 or so, but you don't lose active, fun loving or intelligence. I can explain intensity later more, but an f1 or f2 wants what they want when they want it ten times more than an f5 or f6

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Savannah Super Cat
I love that answer! That's exactly what I am trying to understand, Trish - some of those things that you can't quite put your finger on but make one generation different from the next. Thank you :)


Staff member
I agree with Trish, the higher generations (F1, F2) are definitely more intense and more persistent in getting what they want. With a later generation Savannah you may be able to deter unwanted behavior by distracting them, but the earlier gens will not be so easily swayed. Also, the intensity of their affections, e.g., head butts, kisses, etc. are more intense in the earlier generations. But as a rule, I have found all generations of Savannahs to be intelligent, inquisitive and interactive cats.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Trish is exactly right. I tell people the difference with an F1 is the intensity and determination they have. That's not to say that the later generations cannot be persistent but the F1s are special in that regard. They love and hate rather than like and dislike, which makes them more challenging to live with (albeit rewarding)...