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Getting my savannah accustomed to water

I realize that all savannah s may not be a fan of the water.. but because I know and have seen so many owners with ones that are, and mines not, im a little jealous..

My savannah is 5 months, a high percentage f4. So my question is, how do I get mine to atleast test the waters out? Any suggestions and oppinions on it i'd love to hear . Thankyou!


Staff member
If your Savannah is not a water fan I'm not sure that you will turn him/her into one, however you might try by putting plastic floating toys in a basin of water, or a sink filled with water to see if you can pique any curiosity.


Reincarnated cat Moderator
Although my Kilifi will not come into the shower with me, she is very curious at what goes on in the shower. She will paw at water going down the drain in the sink and get her front feet in the water to drink from the sink. And HAS to watch the toilet flush. LOL Back feet MUST remain dry though. And a spray bottle of water is the strongest discipline she needs. Not ALL Savannahs love water. Some tolerate it better than others.


Site Supporter
Does your SV jump up on the sink area and show any interest? If so, I would see if he shows any interest with a gentle stream of water from the faucet. Mine will not immerse herself in water but will occassionally walk into the shower with me and she loves to stick her head under the stream of water from the faucet. Careful what you wish for.....brushing my teeth has turned into a very interesting experience!


Animal Communicator
My F4 is not a fan of water, but she will tolerate it if there are little robotic fishies swimming around


Savannah Super Cat
Both my F7 and F5 hate water. They will go into the shower after I'm done and (ewww) try to lick the water up (then I have to manage keeping a towel on AND grabbing a cat - because heaven forbid I take a shower ALONE.)

They will go after toys if they float in the sink, are amused by the toilet and emptying the sink out. I don't know if you can get them to want to go in the water though.


Reincarnated cat Moderator
Charley... The water is clean..Let them lick. It won't hurt them. Think of what they drink in the wild.

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Be careful what you wish for, lol.

Cats that love water also tend to want to play in the toilet, splash water out of their bowls and drop objects into them, cry and whine to join you in the shower...need I go on? :)