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Getting the supplements right


Savannah Kitten
Hello everyone! I got Jax about 1,5 months ago and originally wanted to feed him raw diet exclusively. So far it is a work in progress and he is on combination of homemade raw & cooked diet.

I've found some good recipes on the net and on this forum, but there is one thing came to my attention and I was wondering if anyone knows more about it. It seems that vitamin B & E do not hold up to freezing as well as some of the other supplements, so that raises question; should I be adding these two just before serving instead of the freezing?

I asked my vet to refer me to the nutritionist, but it seems that they are not that easy to come by. I wouldn't mind to get a professional opinion on this one and in fact, about the rest of the supplements. If anyone knows any nutritionist who offers online or skype, etc consultations, please do share!

My vet recommended Hilary's blend book, but I disagree with the fiber content they add. They have quite a few free recipes online and the fiber content pretty much equals the meat in weight. I don't see a need for such high amounts and I feel like adding psyllium husk is more than sufficient. Cats do not get such a high fiber content in a wild and it is definitely not 50% of their diet! Not to mention they call for their own super expensive supplement blend. I got everything I need separately and it is a much cheaper (without sacrificing the quality) option.


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There is a website that has been recommended here before but I can't remember it off the top of my head, hopefully someone else will pipe in...


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Savannah Kitten
If you are feeding the right proportions of meat/bone/organs and offer a variety of all of those, you don't need to supplement. Info on raw feeding can be found here:

Facebook group:

Dr. Lisa Pierson's site has an overwhelming amount of info. She is an excellent resource and you can email her your questions.
Thank you for the links, much appreciated. is actually the recipe I've been using. I do not grind bones because I do not owe a grinder, at least not yet. I have been using ground up egg shell powder instead in reccomended proportion. I know that most agree that raw bones are really the best source of calcium and phosphorus, but I just can't get over that fear they will harm him somehow. He eats his food way too fast .


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have been using ground up egg shell powder instead in reccomended proportion. I know that most agree that raw bones are really the best source of calcium and phosphorus
I had the same fear when I switched the boys from ground bone to a pre-made supplement with eggshell calcium (Alnutrin w/Eggshell). When I asked here I was reassured by @Brigitte Cowell that it was perfectly fine, as she had been using eggshell calcium for awhile and her cats always have normal blood levels. I've noticed since the switch that they poop more often (once a day instead of every other), and the stool is smaller and always well-formed - so I'd say at least for mine, eggshell is the better choice. They still get some bone based calcium in the form of freeze-dried raw stuffs - toppers and the occasional S&C's meal - which is ground much finer than my grinder can manage.

Their activity level, always high, increased after the switch, as well.


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I'm no longer grinding with bone...I use chicken breasts, liver, hearts, mazuri and I add some sardines in tomato sauce. For the first time ever, all my cats are now eating raw and are doing so much better. I add the mazuri and sardines and a bit of water prior to feeding.

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