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Getting themba of the stairs


Savannah Super Cat
I was so smart to put a blanket under his bowl so that i could be sure not to clean cat food of the stairs.


Savannah Super Cat
They are always one step ahead of us. Very difficult to out-smart them. He looks great.

They sure are.
Meanwhile he has been down the stairs.

He is 12 weeks tomorow.
I like the G on his sides.
I should have picked a name starting with G. :)


Savannah Super Cat
Getting him down with food worked and he spotted to vieuwpoint.

He's been eyeballing my other cats now for about 10 minutes.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I think eventually his kitten curiosity would lead him down the stairs on his own :)

I love the video though, given the setup I could have predicted that would happen too... so funny!