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Giant kitten!


Savannah Super Cat
So i was sent a video of Titus and he is getting GIGANTIC! So i screen capped some cute pics to have for easy drool access. He is a lil over 6 weeks now and i just had to share! :)


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You're going to need a kitty pantry the size of Fort Knox to stock up enough to feed him. At 12 weeks Maliik was a tank and it was shock & awe when it came to his appetite. My husband kept joking we'd have to rob a bank to afford to continue feeding him.

Titus keeps getting cuter if that's even possible.


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Tttus fits his name - he is a such a cute guy - and a large one at that. Can't wait for him to finally come home to you so we can hear stories and pics.


Aww, his sweet eyes are so expressive! I love the last pic too, it shows off his spots so nicely. Very cute big fuzzy baby :)


Savannah Super Cat
Thank you guys! And i sure HOPE he doesn't eat like a giant Deborah! I really might have to rob someone lol ;) Paige i can't wait either! I think about him almost nonstop. But when i get him i hope i don't crash this server from posting too many videos or pics! haha