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Giardia and wormer

Angie Panczak

Savannah Super Cat
I did my biannual fecal tests and I have as symptomatic Giardia. I have liquid fendebendazole, but Wow is liquid hard to give adults. Since this stuff has to be given 5 days and then repeated in 10 days for another 5 days, I am not too sure the best way to give it. I tried syringing and putting it in raw. Syringing they just spit it all out and made a huge mess. With mixing raw, they just refused to eat. Any suggestions?


Staff member
I have a cat with IBS so is on chronic metronidazole and steroids. I mix them together then add a cc of chicken broth - it is still extremely difficult to get down him, but less comes back out since doesn't taste as terrible as when giving it straight. The other option, if you think he would do better with pills is to go that route with the metronidazole, although you will undoubtedly have to score the tablets.

Per Lausund

Staff member
Either try the broth, or grind the pills (they seem to taste less!). The liquid forms are a battle to give, and the loser is you, your surroundings, clothes, anything within "shaking vigorously" distance.