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Savannah Super Cat
Themba's stools weren't so good lately.
Somedays good, somedays sticky, but not like water.

Anyway i decided to do a test and i came up with giardia also campylobacter and they found traces of starch, ondigested muscle-tissue an fats. That shouldn't be there.

The campylobacter might go away when the giardia is taken care of the vet said.
We should check that later again but first the giardia.

I already did some research with the search function and still have 2 questions left.

I hear the house must be cleaned very well under high temperature.
So 1. Should i go and buy a steamcleanser ? or should i first make an affort without one ?It's a few 100 bucks and after it i probbely never use it again.
But it is necessary then i go buy one.

I have also read my other cats can have it even if their stools are good, should i go and test them all ? They usually do their part in the catproof garden so that will mean i need to be in the garden all the time waiting for them to do their business.

Themba is right now by the vet getting neutered, i got the results this morning when i brought him in.


Savannah Super Cat
I just called my vet, i see her in a few hours but i'm impatient. :)

She tells me that it could be best the give all 4 cats the medication to be sure.

John Popp

Site Supporter
I would certainly have all your cats medicated. Just not worth it to reintroduce it from one of the cats and start the cycle over again. The big thing is cleaning the litter boxes, food and water dishes. Use a 20-1 Water/Bleach solution. Carpeted areas are certainly going to need a steam cleaner, and although you might not think you'll use it again, we find ourselves using ours a couple times a year. Certainly not whole house, but frequently passed through areas.

Also make sure you address toys, litter scoop and the bottoms of your shoes. Just one big clean sweep and you should be done with it.


Savannah Super Cat
i decided i'm going to buy a steamcleaner right now, and just clean as much as possible every evening.

What worries me most is how to do the outside, we got a very big cat proof garden and they do their deposit in the earth or between the plants.
I can't steamcleanse the earth...
To put them all inside is gonna be hard, they are good protesters, and 1 cat is very much afraid of themba she like to be in the garden.


Savannah Super Cat
Oke thanks John Popp

the vet said i was early so it isn't a high risk factor yet.

Just to be sure i'm gonna take it super serious.


Savannah Super Cat
I got the steamer.

I'm still thinking about cutting of acces to the garden or not.
The garden is in 2parts a small part and a big part, they will still be able to go in the small part.

Positive thing about this is less cleaning because the garden is very big.

Negative is they are going to complain alot and bliss is very scared of themba.
So she can't run away from him anymore.
She will be under a lot of stress.