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Giaus...and my socks...


Savannah Super Cat
Do as anyone else's kitty find your socks and rub all over them? If I do not put them in the hamper right off he finds them and will rub and roll in the...if anyone's does this do we know why?

Gaius' Momma


Staff member
All 4 of mine have an underwear fetish mostly with my husband's dirty gym and hiking clothes. They wait for him to come home and dance around until he takes his shoes off and then it's a free for all of rubbing the socks all over their faces. I'm guessing hubby has irresistible pheromones. I've seen t-shirts walking down the hall too. It gets spooky around here someime. They like my underwear only when it's clean. I don't know what to think about that.:uh oh:


Staff member
Cats (and dogs) love stinky things so you are offering them a wonderful treat whenever you make your socks available to them :roflmao: