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Gimme a Smooch

Trish Allearz

Isn't he adorable???

I was in a bit of a panic yesterday because of how itty bitty his ears seem, but then I went through past pics of his siblings and ya know- they didn't start with very big ears, but they ended up nice in the end :) So I am going to hold out and see how these ears develop!


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Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Yes, I think he will grow em, too! And you remember the pics I posted of the kittens who started out with small ears and ended up like Dumbo's children ;)


Savannah Super Cat
OMG those pix are sooo cute!!!!! Hopefully his ears grow out, it's funny how we want them to grow bigger ears and other breeds want to their kittens to grow into their big ears lol But big dumbo ears are definitely one of the cute charicteristics of our kitties. Look at my avatar, the pix of my guy at 5ish weeks his ears aren't all that big, but by 11 weeks they seemed quite a bit larger in some vids that the breeder sent me. So I do think they will get bigger as he gets older. Btw, strange fact, people's ears and nose never stop growing, maybe the same for kitties? lol


Savannah Super Cat
Picture 20.png Picture 25.png

As you can see, from the first pic taken of my sv at about 5 weeks, he definitely had smallish ears, but the second pic he's 11 weeks old and you can see his ears seemed to have grown in relation to the rest of him considerably, so I'm sure yours will do the same :)


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