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Laura W

Savannah Super Cat
Glitter is gold tips on the individual hairs. It's difficult to see in pictures, but you can kind of see it in Dolos's shoulder and on her neck. In the sunlight, she just shimmers beautifully as the light reflects off her pelt and it's really easy to see. Anyone who has seen her in the sunlight has commented on it. She is a F2 Bengal.
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Angie Panczak

Savannah Super Cat
Ok so is it a bad thing? Someone buying a kit from me last year asked me about if the kit had glitter, she couldn't explain it for me to inderstand :) and the kit was a cool bst. But with Azikas kits, some of her cools have gold in them, almost like they are a combo cool/warm, not even sure what to call it.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Glitter is when the hair shaft is hollowed out so is somewhat translucent and shines and glitters in the sunlight. It's a Bengal trait...and what gives their coat that lovely soft and silky "pelt" they talk about.

I haven't owned too many Savannahs with glitter as it is not a texture we want in our breed, but here's two pics of a cat I bought early in my breeding career that was's hard to show in pictures but hopefully you can see the sheen on her coat, it seems to show up on the face and feet where normally in a cat that just has a healthy shiny coat you wouldn't see that.


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Staff member
Glitter occurs because the tips of the hair shafts have no pigment so are in essence hollow. When the light hits them it is like light shining on shafts of glass - in BSTs it appears golden, in silvers it looks like crystal.


Savannah Super Cat
Ive a friend with a Bengal and its really quiet something but never seen it on a SV :)