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Going to the vet in a county that has banned Savannah Cats

I'm going to be taking care of my sister's F5 Savannah cat for about a month while she is out of the country. I live in Travis County in Austin, Texas, where the serval and hybrids are banned. If I needed to take her (the cat) to the vet, would they treat her even though she is "banned"? Is there any chance I can get in trouble or reported? I also realize that keeping it in my home probably isn't legal...but she's an indoor cat and I don't see this being an issue. Thanks!


Staff member
I don't really know the answer to your question...perhaps someone else can chime in...they would probably treat her, but they may turn you in...and then again, they may not, especially if you don't mention she is a savannah.

Melody Waara

Spotlight Savannahs
I think a few people here will agree that although it's not "legal" in your area, as long as you're responsible and it is only temporary - I wouldn't see a problem with your kitty-sitting for a month. I think we're all very frustrated at how ridiculous the "bans" are. "OOoooohh scary Serval HYBRID - might just... well... lick your face off??" lol (my Roary has gotten into an adorable/annoying habit of licking my eyelashes while I sleep.. talk about a rude wake-up!)

And yeah, not like you have to show pedigree papers to the vet.. maybe to be on the safe side, call it a spotted tabby (or domestic shorthair) if they ask, or claim you just got the cat and have no idea what it is. Plus we're talking an F5.. it might be harder to claim that with an F1. I'll cross my fingers for you that in the month you're kitty-sitting, they'll be no need for a vet anyway.


Staff member
There is always the chance that you will get 'caught' and the cat will be confiscated. How great of a chance that is no one really knows. Good luck and I hope all goes well!!

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
It's not ideal by any means...BUT so saying that, the cat is F5 so likely not too hard to pass off as a "Bengal mix" or Serengeti (Bengal-Oriental Shorthair mix). I wouldn't advise someone living there, but in this case if you are petsitting temporarily and this would only be an emergency then that is what I would call her.