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Good Breeder near Pittsburgh, PA.


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Welcme Zeusamoos. I was born in Pittsburgh on the North Side. Nice to see another Pittsburgher here. This site lists US breeders I can't give any recommendations because I'm not familiar with those in PA. When you narrow your options to one or a few, post them here and perhaps people who are familiar with them will chime in.


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I don't think it really matters if the cats are both neutered. If you type in 'playmate' in the search box at the top of the home page you will find some other threads about this topic.
I live in Pittsburgh as well! We recently just got our second savannah!

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That would be awesome, thank you so much! Our little man i just turning 1 soon, so I think a brother or sister would be great. I am home with him all day so he gets mommys full attention.