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Good Enough?


Savannah Super Cat
Currently, my F3 boy is on a raw chicken/canned food diet. I pretty much alternate throughout the day between the chicken and the canned. I use chicken thighs with the bone and chicken hearts for my raw and Mazuri supplement. He is on a variety of Merrick canned flavors.

Does this seem like a suffient diet? 3lbs @ 14wks


Staff member
It sounds reasonable to me, as long as he is allowed to eat as much as he wants.


Savannah Super Cat
I've been reading the info on and I'm finding it very helpful! I do have a question though.

I noticed on her raw recipe WITH bones, she adds vitamin E and vitamin B-50 complex in addition to the supplement (in my case, Mazuri). Are these vitamins something I should also be adding in addition to the Mazuri supplement that I add to the raw chicken?

Sounds like additional taurine is a good idea if freezing the food.