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Good vibes for Sarabi


Savannah Super Cat
I should be getting a call any moment now from the rescue that has Sarabi.

I had her over the weekend, but had to give her back Sunday night so she could get spayed Monday morning. I guess there was some complications & they found a heart defect. The rescue didn't tell me much over the phone, but she is supposed to call around 5 (its 5:08!) so that we can meet up and talk.

So please cross your fingers, toes, paws, that it isn't anything too serious. I will update once I've talked to the rescue & know more.


Savannah Super Cat
Me too. :/ I told my mom that in my own selfish way maybe people will hear "defect" & not want to adopt her so I can keep her longer! But I REALLY do just want her to be healthy & happy, even if that means being with another family.

...Really got to get rid of this one cat rule. :cautious:


Savannah Super Cat
Ok folks, good news & bad news. Good news: Sarabi is OKAY! There was another cat that got spayed with Sarabi & she accidentally got their paper work mixed up. (She has over 40 kittens, not to mention the adults-I'd probably get some info mixed up too!)
Bad news: The poor cat that has the defect pretty much has a death sentence. :( I dont remember the name of the condition but pretty much her chest is caving in on her heart & it'll eventually crush it. They said she is acting fine now, so she is going to live at home & they are going to give her the best life possible for as long as they can.
I'm heart broken for this poor cat (Tick Tack is her name) but I'm so relieved that it wasn't Sarabi. She said she can tell how much I love Sarabi already & if I could get Glenn on board she'd even waive the adoption fee. He HAS to fall in love with her.. he HAS to.


Staff member
We, the people of Savannahcatchat, have voted and declared that, yea verily, it is unfit, inhumane, infeasible, unflexible, untenable, and violates the right to pursue happiness under the US Constitution, to have a "one cat rule." No amend that, you can have a "one cat rule", you just can't expect that it will be followed. Therefore, we hereby revoke the "one cat rule" for Ms. Ashley and Mr. Glenn can pretend there's only one cat.

Imagine what the world would be like if you could have only 1 potato chip, or Haagen Dasz bar, or beer, or steak or have sex only 1 time per year which is rule Ms. Ashley should invoke should there be no movement to repeal the one cat rule.


Savannah Super Cat
Oh Deborah, I totally agree. You can't just have ONE! Except for maybe children.. Elijah is a handful. haha But cats? Nah, you can totally have more! XD