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Gotta be patient...

Suzanne H

Savannah Super Cat
after a lengthy discussion with my husband, my getting my SV is going to have to be pushed back a bit. we are both getting a new cars, kids don't fit in what we have. plus, two vacations WDW and san Antonio/barksdale Texas. not to mention the building expense of my boarding cattery.
sooo it looks as though it will be about a year. that's fine. not really, but I'll deal.
I still have to decide, fully, what I want exactly male/female and what generation I want. if anyone can tell me from experience the differences in temperment, disposition etc by all means please feel free. I listen actively to ALL opinions. if you had rather email me personally, that's fine too. I understand that this is a pretty tight knit group of wonderful people who are all well educated about these striking cats, but fur can be rubbed the wrong way. it happens. we are human afterall.
thank you for everything,
Suzanne R. Hammack

ps if there is ever a SV in rescue near me that needs a foster/furrever home, let me know.

Trish Allearz

Honestly, Suzanne- you will learn the most about the breed and what YOU need/want by simply participating in the Savannah community like you are doing! You don't need to dive in feet first- learning through other's experiences is sometimes the best way to decide what you want with this breed :) Good luck!

Suzanne H

Savannah Super Cat
thanks Trish. that's pretty much what I'm going to do. I have an idea of what I want. just a few points to research. I am also making a breeders list of sorts starting with those closest to me that generally have what I want and spreading out from there. of course that by no means, means that I am going to just pick the one closest. this takes up a considerable amount of time considering I am cross-referencing it to a road atlas.
yes, yes I'm anal. lol.
my husband says I'm ocd....


Savannah Super Cat
I know how you feel Suzanne. Glenn & I first started discussing getting a Savannah around Christmas 2009, and we purchased Kovu in February 2012. We did TONS of research and visited MANY MANY breeder's websites, tried to find a rescue, ect. It seems like it takes forever, but when you are finally in that right place, in the right time, with the right cat, you'll know for sure & everything will fall into place.

One morning towards the end of January Glenn woke me up at 4am & said, "Lets look at cats!" lol And sure enough, by 6am we had found Kovu. After talking to the breeder for about a week (first time breeder, so we wanted to talk to him & get to know him a bit first before we sent him any form of payment) we decided that Kovu was the cat for us & we had him in our arms two weeks later. ;)

How old are your kids? I've read many positive things about all generations with kids. I've only personally had experience with Kovu, an F4. He does amazingly well with Elijah (age 4), probably better than my mom's DSH, who is an old, fat, grumpy fart who only wants you if you have food. So far, we've only had him 2 months, but he is pretty laid back. He gets the zoomies every once in a while, especially when Glenn comes home from missions. But over all he is a good cat.

Suzanne H

Savannah Super Cat
My kids are 12, 4 and 2 1/2...
Devon the 12 yr old is my "slug". he is very mellow and will ground hisself if need be. Moira the 4 yr old is my "ladybug" the princess/drama queen and Eliza the 2 1/2 yr old is my "busy bee". she is a terror and causes me deep stresso_O
As of right now we have 2 dogs a chiweenie, Daisy, who is 6 and just flat grumpy, then we have a 2 yr old chihuahua, Penny, who is a dingbat.
At this moment we have 9 cats, yes, NINE. Now let me explain....
KiKi age 13 is the prima donna of the cat world, then there is Salem who is 8 and the resident a**hole. Then there is sweet Blossom, full name Dowager Princess June Blossom, she is 2 and an absolute love bug. And then there is my Chester, he is only 9 months old but the size of KiKi. He is a Maine Coon mix. And last but not least is LuLu, she was a stray that followed me in the house several weeks ago, and then last week had 4 kittens. We will not be keeping any of the babies, but have prospective homes for them. Our vet, The Cat Doctor Dr. Coker, is helping me place them. It is up in the air as of ow if we keep LuLu. I am not being cruel, but after Chester moved in and Figaro passed away all in the same week last October, I told Erik I wanted no more pets for a while, until I got my SV.

As you can see we have a house full, well rather a barn full since our house was once a barn. :Geeky:

MK Anderson

I think being involved in savannah groups and on fb helped a lot! I waited 2-3yrs before I got my Keeba. I watched, listen and learned from everyone and got to know some amazing people along the way.
I was really unsure of what generation too. I watched to see what kitten really tugged at my heart and when I seen Keeba I knew!! He is a F-3 and just such an amazing boy. He is so well behaved, but can run circles in my house at high speeds and I love when he does that, it's so funny just to see him happy :)!

I have 2 girls; Kyllie is 15yrs and Nicolette is 12yrs. I have 2 other cat also, a white deaf and a black Queen bee of the house lol.
Savannah are amazing I could never be without one. I could be in a bad mood and Keeba can make me laugh and be over that bad mood.