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Great adventure ...

The boys were absolutely perfect. Well I can't see any signs of their devilry, and well that makes them angels in my book. They split a chicken breast tonight as a reward :) tho ... I have a sneaking suspicion they are just setting me up for next time haha ... Get me to trust them this time so next time they can really cut loose !! ;)
So the boys were angels yesterday, the devil inside came out today ... I was gone for hour and half running errands and they decided the cupboard where I store all my pots and pans needed to be cleaned. I can see how the wok could get out considering it's shape and it can easily be tipped and slid. But the big sauce pan ??? They had to work together to get it out !!! You think that would be enough ... NO !!! They had to clear half a shelf off one of my book cases ... I'm a tolerant person ... But no one or no animals messes with books especially my books ... One of the little devils thought a dust cover on one of hard bound books looked tasty ...

I couldn't punish them ... a) because I don't know who did it, but I have my suspicions and b) I didn't catch them in the act. But you can be sure I will definitely be on heightened alert!

I guess I used up all their angeliness in the 11 hours we gone yesterday ;) life is never boring with our fury friends is it?


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Hahaha, Rob! That will teach you to leave the little darlings two days in a row, even if only for a hour or so on the second day...I guess they let you know what they thought of that ;)


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I call those acts of mayhem Vacation Revenge. It will probably happen every time you leave them. I get one full week of VR every time we come home from a vacation. And as soon as they spot a suitcase, well, it ain't pretty.
Does your suspicions start with an A and end with a Bu?

Actually, Abu is the better of the two. In most things I find Zeus is the culprit, don't get me wrong, Abu is right there with Zeus. But Zeus is the one that gets caught red pawed, if you will. He some how opens the drawer that their toys are in and takes them out when he wants to play. He is the one that will drag the 7 lb bag of cat food from the pantry to half way up the stairs (I suspect the final destination for the bag of cat food was under my bed). Abu had access to counters for the last couple of weeks where Zeus couldn't make it up there ... till yesterday. Today I find a loaf of bread mauled (had to have been Zeus).

But the evidence at least in this case that makes me suspect Zeus ... Abu really isn't drawn to paper, where Zeus can't leave it alone, wether it be a box of envelopes that he managed to get out of a partially cracked filing cabinet drawer, to the multitudes of toilet paper rolls, to my sons homework papers that were left out on the table to copies of paid bills not filed away fast enough ... if its paper, and he can get to it ... LOOK OUT !!! I have to clean under my bed frequently ... if I don't it begins to look like a waste paper basket with all his "treasures" under there.