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Green cravings???


Site Supporter
My kitty(7 months) while on her walks tastes every green weed. I must be especially alert since I don't know what's toxic for kitty or been sprayed with poison. Our yard is rock and bushes..... No grass. However, we have a organic garden and she does sorta nibble on what is growing at the time, right now it is sweet peas. She loves to play around the plants, chase what ever flying insect that happens by and her favorite rolling in the dirt. Since her demeanor changed when we would pass a weed, i decided to offer her different greens at home. Organic romaine lettuce she loved, but called the vet, the said no. Too many veins in the leaf. So I bought organic tender baby baby spinach, she Loves it! I don't offer the stem, she will eat 3 leaves ( size of a quarter) and wants more I'm not comfortable giving her too much at a time. So I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this green craving??? And if it is ok to continue to give in to her obvious desire for greens. I did buy a pricey green treat, she will have nothing to do with it. Love to have some feed back. Any other greenies out there?

SV Dad

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I'm not well versed on cat nip. Can they eat as much as they want?
Pretty much. They knock off eating it when the get really stoned. They take a nap, then go back and hit it when they feel like it.
They do trample the daylights out of it. Roll on it, nuzzle it, chew it, slap it around, and barf it.
The downside... this stuff is a weed and will end up growing all over the place. This brings in the neighborhood cats if your yard is not fenced off. Really funny to see the neighborhood cats all buzzed out on top of the plants.


Animal Communicator
I planted a flat of grass last winter for Zeddie. She rolled in it and chewed it and loved it.....and then Tiger peed in it :cautious:


Staff member
As long as the plant is nontoxic I don't think she can eat too much of it. You can even purchase greens for kitties at the pet store! Much cheaper to grow yourself though...