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Greens and Grains

John Popp

Site Supporter
Dino has become fascinated with eating greens and grains. He'll make attempts to swipe a piece of bread, a bean or lettuce if he can get away with it. He will even eat Edamame, carefully extracting the beans for consumption while discarding the pods.

Anyway, he's on a raw diet with Mazuri. Primarily fully dressed chicken and rabbit complete with bones and organs. It's to the point now that I really think there is some deficiency in his diet that he's so hell bent on getting at these things. So if anyone has some suggestions, let me know.


Site Supporter
Rafiki loves bread. She will shred the plastic and take bites all over the loaf if given half a chance. That and extra sharp cheddar cheese. Go figure.

SV Dad

Site Supporter
Rascal likes bread. And cheese, OMG it's on when the cheese is out. Mayhem joins in for the cheese.
I had a DSH who absolutely loved peas and would claw you until she got her own bowl of them.
I wouldn't worry.


Staff member
None of these things are unusual for Savannahs to like. I would not worry about it as long as it is only a snack here and there. I knew a serval who loved eating cantoulope, and a Savannah who loved eating bread

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I've had Savannahs that seemed to have carb fetishes...anything like that: bread, cakes, pasta even... I don't think it is a deficiency just their quirkiness and liking to try new things and possibly also the challenge of "stealing" things away from the humans...

John Popp

Site Supporter
If I were eating some potatoes or a piece of chicken he might have some curiosity. If I'm eating a salad, green beans or trying to make a sandwich, Dino becomes frenzied making off with a piece of bread or has his paws on the plate. Just odd that he's never been offered people food and suddenly he is totally infatuated with it.