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Grinder for Raw


Savannah Super Cat
Hey I'm going to get myself a grinder for making raw food for my Savannahs and maybe for one of my dogs. Is anyone using a kitchen aid attachment grinder? Will that be strong enough?

John Popp

Site Supporter
We bought a Weston #32 which made quick work of over 30lbs of chicken thighs faster than we could load them in earlier this week. Never had to back it up or for that matter ever heard the motor strain. Several people have worn out their Tasin 108s and have moved up to the Weston #12, just a more commercially built machine and with a bigger tray.

Someone had earlier posted something on a commercial grade grinder from Cabellas. I watched some videos and was truly impressed. Not sure that I would have bought it over the Weston, but I certainly would have researched them.

Lastly, and I have said this before, I don't plan on buying many meat grinders in my life so the one I purchased I did so hoping that it would be my last.


George's brother
I use a Weston #22 grind thighs bone in with hearts and gizzards about 50 lbs at a time. I like the big throat and it is pretty quiet for such a big machine. Opted for it over #32 because it weighs about 10 pounds less and can store easier on a shelf when I'm not using it. It is hard to imagine anything this would not grind as powerful as it is

John Popp

Site Supporter
The Weston #32 does have a lot of heft to it, and even for a big guy like me I have to put some effort into moving it around.


Staff member
I have the same grinder, john and i cannot lift it so it sits on my counter.

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