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Growth spurt or Mr. Piggy


Savannah Super Cat
When simba was about 8 months old the amount he ate dropped by almost half. When from 10-12 oz aday to 6-8 oz aday. I figured his growth slowed down. This past week he has been eating 18 oz of food. Is he going to start growing again? He's 13 months old.


Savannah Super Cat
Here's a picture


Staff member
Sounds pretty typical of what my 3 did. They all dropped the amount they ate between 8 mos-1 year and then increased the amount they ate for the next year while they packed on their adult muscle. Taji & Maliik didn't put on more length or height after 1.5 yrs but Juba actually got longer and taller between 1 & 2 yrs old.