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Guard Dog

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Our 7 year old DSH girl Moki is our guard cat. More than once she has alerted us to situations by her growling at the front door.


Something must've been going on last night/this morning. Around 4-5 am, Duma woke up from his place on my legs, went out and then came back and repeatedly head butted me, walking around the bedroom complaining with his little growl sound (the one he uses from the window when he sees me outside and wants me back in the house). A little later Dante started whining too, so it wasn't just Duma that freaked out. I didn't see what it was, though. Could've been ghosts.


Site Supporter
At my old house, in the evening the raccoons would climb over a fence, that was outside my bedroom window. Hobbes, my first savannah cat would go ballistic.

Glad I only have squirrels and birds at my current place.

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