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Hair coming out chunks


Savannah Super Cat
Titan lately I noticed had chunks of his hair coming out. He certainly isn't stressed and nothing has changed recently. He's curled up to me right now as I type this. Is this something I should be worried about?

He play fights with his sister a lot if that may make a difference.


Staff member
Hard to tell from the picture if there's anything amiss with his health but that clump looks like what I find around here all the time after the boyz engage in a wrestling match. Is there a little scab attached to that clump? If so, it could be from a boo boo that healed.


Savannah Super Cat
Yes, something hard at the end of the clump, like a litter clump. He been shedding like crazy for weeks but I assume its the weather warming up here.

That explains it then! Thanks, I just didn't want to ignore any health issues but I had never seen it in any other pets.


Savannah Super Cat
Thanks! We trimmed their claws today but their playing has always been pretty rough. The girl uses her claws while fighting sometimes... Even though her brother doesn't use his claws during play fighting.