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Hairless Genetics (or Sphynx for Dumbies)

Trish Allearz

Hi Everyone!

Okay, this pops up from time to time, so I wanted to educate everyone on this site...

If a SPHYNX (hairless breed of cat) was bred to a SERVAL- you would NOT receive a nice fat litter of hairless F1 kittens.

The hairless gene does not work that way. In order to receive hairless kittens through the Sphynx genes, you would need to...

1. Breed Serval to Sphynx- you would receive a full litter of furry kittens (fully furred F1s)
2. Breed one of those F1 outcross kittens BACK to a Sphynx- you will receive 50/50 as far as hairlessness goes (F2A)
3. Breed one of those hairless kittens BACK to a Sphynx- you would possibly achieve 100% hairlessness at this point (F3A)

It's been discussed before- you would FIRST basically eliminate any Savannah in a cat by the time you receive a full litter of hairless kittens. It would be a waste of time and money- and let's not get into dragging a breed with horrible HCM into our wonderful breed that doesn't tend towards HCM issues at this point (Yes, we still see it from time to time, but it's not rampant).

Soooo... If you ever see a litter of so-called 'Sphynx x Savannah' outcrosses- think back to hairless genetics and test whether it's possible or not. Chances are- it's not.

And if you ever think- it'd be cool to cross this breed (ANY BREED) with the Savannah- chances are, there's a reason it's not done.

Don't be a fool, as Mr. T used to say!