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Halter or collar?


Savannah Super Cat
t Sometime is getting really difficult to put Zulu halter on although he loves going out for a walk with the 2 girls F4 and F5 who are more docile and walk free next to me.! He is an F2 ,quite strong,getting more tame every day but a bit stubborn some time...
The halters in the UK are a bit cheap and difficult to put on!
Would a collar do, a nylon one, 1,5 cm wild ? Or could it be dangerous for his neck?
Any other suggestion?


Staff member
Frances, a collar will not work...i know there are members in the UK on here who get or make walking jackets there.

Have you done a search on google for them?

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Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I remember ordering some walking jackets from the UK once, wish I remembered from where, they were nicely made!