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Han's Opinion on Ohio's Serval Ban

Trish Allearz

I don't think he can believe it... Ridiculous... So his Grandpappy would be rounded up and put to sleep if he lived in Ohio and his owner couldn't afford like a million dollars in insurance and all these other hoops they need to jump through now? I hear ya, Han- I hear ya.


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Staff member
HAHAHAHA Trish - han is the man!!!! I am going to post this through the forum to FB...I don't know if people know you can actually do that...Just click on the #1 of Trish's post and you can post to your FB page, tweet, ertc.

FusionKatz Savannahs

Savannah Child
I agree with Han's opinion! The legislators have reportedly said they purposefully made the requirements for a permit so that it is impossible for anyone to actually obtain one. With what I am seeing in the requirements this is very much the case. :(