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Happy 1st Birthday Yeti


Savannah Super Cat
Today my persnickety, mischief making F5 Savannah kitten Yeti turned 1.
Here are some pictures of his progress and fun over the time between his arrival at 13 weeks of age when he could fit in the palm of my hand until recently.
Yeti 13 weeks.jpg Yeti bag.jpg Yeti bird watchin.jpg Yeti bison party.jpg Yeti driven mad.jpg yeti kicken' back.jpg Yeti naptime.jpg Yeti pocket sized.jpg Troublemaker.JPG Yetiairport.jpg
The pictures aren't in order, however the one that shows him sitting behind Yuki in the carrier the evening of their arrival give a clear sense of how tiny he was at the time. Being so small he stood below a low-set light socket. The one with him curled up next to my pocket was a week later and he was still small enough to fit in the pocket of my camo pants. The most recent of these pictures shows yeti a few months ago curled up by me taking another of his naps with dad.

Below we have pics of the celebration.

Birthday Boy 029.JPG Birthday Boy 031.JPG Birthday Boy 030.JPG Birthday Boy 033.JPG Birthday Boy 036.JPG Birthday Boy 038.JPG
Birthday boy arrives atop the 150 gallon fish tank to see what I was messing with. Surprise! Happy Birthday! You get dinner, catnip, and a present that's in the bag. Hey! It's a rabbit fur toy from Hyendry! Thanks Dad!

He shared his dinner with Yuki and Paz and took turns with the rabbit fur toy.


Staff member
What a year it was for all of you. From the surprise of getting cats other than what you expected to battling the crusty creepy crawlies. Happy Birthday handsome Yeti. You grew into a handsome boy:in love:


Staff member
Wow, Yeti has grown into a handsome young man ;) Happy Birthday, Sir Yeti! Did I ever tell you that Yeti is also a top notch Mountain bike?