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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Our Super Seven Litter!!


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Sorry we’re a day late posting it here, but I wanted to wish a Very HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to our Super SEVEN litter!!
Top Level from Left to Right - F7 SBT’s NitroKatz Suki, Dalilah, Zuko, Gianna, Echo, Ruby and Jynx
(F2B NitroKatz Hunter on lower level)


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I am going to have to think about what i am thinking about.
Seven would be too many for me but two new boys would be nice.

After Bella locked Xander in the small bathroom that dome one have any
cat furnishings what so even he was just a bit put put when I got home.
The way he was yelling you would of thought she had really hurt him.
But that was just the Siamese in him.

You have some really wonderful looking birthday kitties there.


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Happy 1st birthday to the Super Seven, doesn't time fly, they don't stay that size for long :love: They must have been a right handful. Hoping that they are all happy in their new families.

Brigitte Cowell

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Seven is so much Savannah! I had two litters at once that combined to seven in the weaning room and it was insanity. I sat there and thought that I never ever wanted seven in a litter! But so adorable too...