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Happy boy!


Savannah Super Cat
We've had Koda 2 months now. He was 3.5lbs at his first check up. He is 7lbs now ( 8 months old) he is a f5sbt. I've noticed his face is more wild shaped now and he has gotten so much longer!! He is an absolute lap kitty wants to snuggle 24/7. Sleeps in our bed. I'm currently pregnant with #4 and he loves to knead my belly. He is just the sweetest thing ever! But man is he sneaky :) he loves to get into the fridge,toilet and bath tub. He also will sit in front of the door staring at hoping to go on a walk lol. He constantly wants to nuzzle your face and will paw you in the face if you move your face from him nuzzling. He comes running whenever our 1 year old is crying and will try and lay on her. She's pulled his fur and all he does is purr. Overall he is the best kitty in the whole wide world!!


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Aww... Koda sounds wonderful! Glad to hear he is such a good boy and settling in so well!


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How sweet is that...your human babies have a spotted nanny. I'm happy to hear that Koda has brought laughter and love into your life. Savannahs are expert at that.


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Awww, Koda sounds like the best kitty ever! It's somewhat shocking to hear he was only 3.5lbs at six months old, but it sounds like you have him well on his way to gaining a normal weight (I usually figure one lb per month for the first 10-12 months). Thanks for giving us an update - I would love to see pics of him with the children!