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Hare-Today Canada version?


Savannah Super Cat
Ok the other thread was getting a bit convoluted after the initial question was answered. Onto homemade raw!

Do we have anything like Hare-Today in Canada that ships either across the country or throughout British Columbia?

*Big Country Raw doesn't ship outside Ontario.

I'm trying to find meat that is cheaper than the grocery store, where chicken is about $10/lb after tax.

I'm willing to shop the sales to try to snag meat deals, but it wod be nice if we had a reliable distributor.

I've searched all over Google but am coming up with nothing that ships to my area.


Animal Communicator
To my knowledge we don't have anything like Hare Today but what about trying local butchers/farms? We get our whole prey from a farm. I know a lot of people go to butchers and get their meat there and do the ratios themselves.

There must be some regulation in shipping because it looks like the majority of the foods made in Ontario don't get shipped outside of Ontario, with the exception of Tollden shipping to Quebec.


Savannah Super Cat
I actually did find a local farm just outside of town yay! My fiancé and I just agreed to switch ALL of our meet shopping over to them. They have beef, pork, bison and chicken. (Lamb as well but only as whole, 1/2 or 1/4).
They offer free delivery over $120. So we can spend a couple hundred dollars a month to fill our freezer. Top of fridge not deep freeze. Our old deep freeze died so we may need to reinvest.

I'm going to put in an order this week and then see how long it last between the two of us and the cat.

Oh and as a bonus they also offer ground organs for $1.50/lb or non Ground for $1/lb if I decide to do prey model instead of ground raw.

*happy dance*

The whole family gets to eat better, yay!


Savannah Super Cat
Great. She really loves food I make with the Better in the Raw Supplement mix. I actually just ordered the 5 month pouch this morning.
I'm making a new batch of raw today. This time I'm doing pork.
My store sells rabbit but it actually seems cheaper to just by the Stella and Chewy frozen rabbit. It's hard to tell because the weight of the grocery store rabbit includes the bone.

She weighs just over 7 pounds now and eats a good 8oz a day.


Savannah Super Cat
Right now we have S&C frozen rabbit, S&C Duck, Duck Goose, S&C Chick Chick Chicken. Primal chicken and salmon, Primal turkey and Primal pork in the house.

Lots of variety so I could see what meats she liked before I decided to make them from scratch. I had serious doubts she would like pork but she does.

Pretty soon the only premade in the house will probably be S&C rabbit and S&C Duck Duck Goose, when they start shipping the poultry flavors back into Canada. Those are the only ones that are easier to buy than make myself. Grocery store rabbit is super expensive and I've no access to duck and goose.

But I will be making,


*not sure yet how she feels about beef. I also don't want her eating much fish.

Anyway, I'm hoping that 5 or 6 different proteins are enough variety.