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Has anyone adopted a kitten from Savannahnia


I'm new to the forum and currently looking into adopting my first Savannah, and I was wondering if anyone had previously dealt with Savannahnia in SoCal. I've contacted them with some questions, but they haven't responded back yet and based on some of my research the prices for the kittens do seem a bit low, $1000 for a melanistic f5 male. Is this normal pricing? Here is link to their website:


Staff member
I'm not familiar with Savannahnia but I generally sell my pet quality F5 or later generation Savannah kittens for $900, so I think their prices are reasonable. Just be sure to ask lots of questions, and don't be afraid to ask for references. Hopefully someone here is from SoCal and is familiar with them.


Site Supporter
I have not heard of them but from the website, it appears that they are a very young cattery. It looks like their girls have only produced 2 or 3 litters. They do appear to be quite legit - at least I don't recognize any of their photos as being stolen from other catteries. They are not sending the kittens out too young either. I would ask to speak to someone that has adopted a kitten.
Thank you both so much for the advice, I will definitely ask for references if they respond to my inquiry. I did ask quite a few questions in my intial email so I'll give them a week to respond (it has been 3 days so far), if not I think I probably stick with someone I can ahold of easier, probably from here at the forum. (y)

I am quite cautious as my childhood pup, she was a Christmas surprise, (Shegra the German Shepherd in the photo) was from a backyard breeder who was eventually shut down for abuse to the animals and poor health practices, and though I loved her so much, she had severe allergies and other health issues her entire life.


Staff member
I'm sorry you had such a bad experience with Shegra, hopefully you will find the perfect Savannah for you!