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Havi may have eaten a worm.


Savannah Super Cat
Help, I think Havi may have eaten a worm. I noticed her playing with something on the carpet last night that looked like a kibble. Bent down to pick it up and before I had touched it, it moved. Definitely not a kibble. Was tightly curled and when stretched out it was slightly over an inch long and about the diameter of a piece of spaghetti. I scooped it up and took a closer look. It had lots of very fine hair looking legs. A millipede in the julidae family.

Putting a call into my exterminator today as I really don’t care to find more of them in my house.

My question is, if Havi ate one of these do I need to worry that she might get more worms exacerbating her already chronic diarrhea issues?

Last night was terrible, had to wipe up the drips all over the house. She should finish with the current round of meds on Saturday. Then wait 2 weeks and back to the vet for another PCR. I wonder if she will ever get rid of the diarrhea. She is refusing to eat wet food now. Have her on Petsmart Authority Hairball formula. Going to try switching to boiled chicken breast and rice and see if that will help. Also once the meds are completed I am going to withhold all food for a day per Per's suggestion in another forum. I pray it is not IBD.

Mary in Savannah TX


Staff member
I don't believe millipedes are toxic to humans and pets. Havi would not get worms from eating one.
Unless they are Mombasa Trains, in which case they can excrete an acid like fluid from their bodies that can actually cause chemical burns on the skin :eek:

Fortunately, as their name indicates they are found in Mombasa, Kenya so unlikely the same species as you found in your home!