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Having two savannah cats


I am looking at getting another savannah, I have an F5 female named Nahlah. She's lovely, about a year and 3 months, about 14 pounds and loves her buddy Calvin who is a year old golden retriever. As much as she loves dogs I've never seen her to be one that got along with other cats. Which brings me to my question that I have been looking into getting an F1 or F2 in august or september. I've had cats before and I know that they can be acclimated together but Ive never done it with two savannah's, especially when one will end up being about 10 pounds more than the other. So if anyone has suggestions about a girl boy combination, or girl girl would help with being territorial, whether Im going to have issues with them fighting. Whether I should be looking at a full grown cat or getting my second savannah as a kitten...setting up separate rooms with food and litter boxes for a while.....pretty much any suggestions would help. Thanks


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Acclimating SVs is no different than acclimating any other breed or DSHs. Usually it's easier to introduce a kitten into the home with an existing cat than another adult and it may be the best option if you're unsure how Nahlah will react. Lots of people have had great success having females live peaceably together. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them. My past experience with female DSHs was that they existed in the same house, but it was always a tense hissy relationship.

Because of my past lack of luck getting females to live harmoniously together, I currently have 4 males an F1, 2 F2s and an F6. Usually, males are more easy going than females.

If your female is a dominant personality, be sure to convey that to your breeder so s/he can try to make the best possible choice in personality of the new kitten. No guarantees though as personalities can change as the cat matures. No one here can accurately predict whether or not they will fight. All my boys get along 99.99% of the time but occasionally one of them gets a burr up his butt and will pick a fight. I think it's just a consequence of spending your life with the same cats -- just like people tend to fight when in constant contact with each other.

The environment you set up will go a long way toward ensuring they can live together peaceably regardless of whether they bond as friends -- lots of high places for them, lots of cat trees, a safe space each can retreat to when they feel the need.

The attachment on the first post here has tips for making a successful introduction between the cats.

We are a picture crazy bunch here so please post some of Nahlah when you get a chance. Welcome to the forum.


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If you feel that Nahlah is territorial then I would strongly recommend you get a male cat, regardless of generation (or breed for that matter). Follow the recommendations in the link that Deborah posted for introducing two cats. I also agree that discussing temperament with the breeder will be very important. Good luck, I hope you find the perfect companion for you, Nahlah and Calvin!