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He Done Did It This Time



Last night, Louie was busy, well.............being Louie. I was in the one safe haven in my house where Louie is not allowed: my office, where there are too many papers, office items, computer stuff, books, notes and other bits of tasty stuff for Louie to bite, rip, chew, steal, and cause other mayhem with, like walking across the keyboard and losing my work.:big grin:

So here I am, working at the computer at about 9 PM, all the while listening through the closed door, to the clatter, banging, thuds and other ambient sounds which means that Louie is having fun........well..........just being Louie. At 10 PM I stop work and come out of my office, ready to find Louie waiting for me with a big puffy tail and wailing "Loooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" as we answer each other in kind, as is our ritual. He doesn't show, so I figure I know what happened: he shut himself into the upstairs bathroom by inadvertently closing the door, as often happens, during his spirited romping. As I approach the bathroom door, sure enough, I can see that it's closed and latched, but something strange is sticking out the bottom of the door, between the threshold marble saddle and the bottom of the door. It's about 6" long, is fawn and white in color and has spots and stripes on it. It's the tiger's foreleg! So I figure that he's up to his usual stunt of trying to fish something out of an unreachable place by snagging it with his claws, but no, the limb is immobile! His foreleg is jammed under the door up to the elbow. and Lou is alternatingly thrashing around, and letting out a pathetic low moan on the other side of the door. The leg has become hung on the elbow joint. I talk to him in the hope of calming him down while forcefully trying to lift the door a fraction of an inch, and just enough to allow him to extract his foreleg from it's unfortunate position. No dice! Of course, the hinges are on the bathroom side, so I can't pull the pins. Faster than a speeding bullet I run downstairs to my workshop and grab a 3' crowbar, I climb the stairs in a single bound to the second floor, and, with more power than a locomotive, I force the door upward with my trusty crowbar whereupon, poor Louie retracts his foreleg. I open the door and he greets me with a puffy tail and with that face that has the expression of the cat that just ate the canary on it. He's gingerly stepping with the sore leg, putting his weight on it, but not complaining. He spends the next few minutes singing to me "Looooooouuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" while parading back and forth on his gimpy leg, puffy tail and all, cocking his head and aiming it in my direction with intended head butts.

Whew! That was close! But not only was it close, it was scary; in fact, I don't know who was more scared, me or him because after a couple minutes he seemed to forget all about it and moved on to "the next thing". He bounded down the stairs with nary a limp and made a BEE LINE for his food bowl. It had only a few morsels left as he had eaten his fill for the day and it wasn't scheduled to be refilled until the following morning. First, I gave him a big handful of "treats" which he gobbled down like a tiger that hadn't eaten in a week. This is very uncharacteristic behavior, since big Lou doesn't go out of his way for a treat! After he almost ate my arm, I put three big handfuls of a new kibble (for sensitive stomachs, and one which he's never sniffed before) into his bowl. He ate it with the vigor and gusto of a starving lion.

The curious thing about this whole episode, is that he protested very little throughout his ordeal. The poor guy must have been scared sh*tless for that hour or so that he was stuck in the trap. Reinforces what I've heard and read about wild servals and how they don't give away any signals of weakness to potential enemies, as it puts them at a disadvantage. He came through like a trouper, and earned his Dad's Bravery Medal of Honor.

The moral of the story: if you want to introduce your SV to a new food, and want to garowntee that he eats it all, and more, then wedge his foreleg under a closed door.;)

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
I just sat here and read this, thinking how unsettling this was for both of you. You have my empathy. The thought hit me, this is a common occurrence when you are owned by a SV. Fortunately, this turns out fine. Chongo of John Popp turned out alright, but John and his wife went through hell for 6 weeks. There are many other examples of the heart wrenching stories on this board. All of my cats have put me through variations of this over the years, but the SV's are more adept at it.
You came to Louie's rescue, and he knew it, and was thanking you for it. He now knows beyond a doubt you are there when he gets into trouble. That cat is your best buddy for life.
This is a side of having Savannahs we don't talk that much about.

Lori Greer

Cahaba Cats
Oh my goodness!! I am both laughing and relieved that poor Louie came out of his ordeal unscathed! You are quite the story teller too! I can so relate to those moments of panic and then their nonchalant reaction when you have extracted them from a seriously dangerous predicament. Dang cats!!


Savannah Super Cat
I had to give you a "funny" because of your Superman response to the situation. So glad Louie came out of it without being seriously injured! I agree with're a great storyteller!


Savannah Super Cat
Wow! Quite the story! Glad Louie's leg is okay. Hope he doesn't do it again.


Loyal Servant
Glad it worked out OK for Louie and you! Reminds me of those stuck claw situations where you launch to the rescue, watching in horror as they move and make it worse while you're in transit to help.


Staff member
Wow, I'm glad Louie is ok, but I cannot imagine how scared you must have been...

last year, Taj managed to knock out the bedroom screen and jump out the window - about 10 feet up...I did not notice it until I heard silence and went to investigate...I was frantically looking for him, afraid he was hurt or something more sinister...

I walked around looking for him, crying, calling him...then a guy walking his dog, whistled to me and there was Taj...sunning himself on a rock, next to a stray cat...they had become best buds...

So yes, they can certainly scare the heck out you and give you reason to drink :martini drinking:

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Poor Louie....and you! I'm so relieved he was okay after his ordeal....sheesh!

I blame my gray hairs on the shenanigans my cats have pulled on me.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Great storytelling... even if my heart was in my throat worrying for his leg until I read he was fine afterwards! Your Superman response was great!

They ARE hyper-energied kitties which means they can and do get into more trouble than the average cat can... I think their intelligence is why they realize we are trying to help them and hence not react badly.

Any plans to modify the door so it can't happen again? Even if one assumes he's smart enough not to do it again, paranoid me would want to address that...