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He is home!



Hey everyone, Simba is finally home! He came home a week later than he had planned for since there was some crazy maintenance stuff going on here (hopefully it won't happen again). My breeder's plans to move had changed (for those of you who are wondering, let's just say this is all a long story!) so she was able to keep him a little longer for me.

Anyways, she told me he was the most active of the litter so I expected a little bouncing ball of her when I brought him home but he is soo scared :( I know this is totally normal, but I am wondering how I should approach him getting used to me and socializing him with others.

I have heard most people say it is best for the cat to come to you, which I will do. I haven't pet him yet since he's been here.. just letting him be by himself and get used to the room first. I will certainly be patient and let him come to me when he feels safe and secure.. but I really want him to socialize with a variety of people. How can this happen if he runs from someone new, and the person doesn't have time to stick around for him to get used to?

I was worried he wouldn't eat since he just wanted to stay in the carrier when we got home... thankfully I caught him sneaking some canned food when I walked in and exploring the windows :)

My resident cat is at my boyfriends for now and I will try to leave her there as long as I can. There won't be any cat to cat intros until a couple of weeks.

Any advice would be appreciated, or is there already a thread on this?
Did he just get home today, Amy? Sit in the room, read a book, and just hang out with him. Try giving him treats to entice him over to you... You can also play with some toys like the wands and whatnot from Hyendry- that might get him over his fear. BUT if it was just today/yesterday, I'd just give him a day or so to acclimate to the change. It's all very new to him!


Savannah Super Cat
When we first brought home tegra (she was super young) and azul was about a year, we would just sit in the room like trish had said. Then randomly pull out a wand toy and act like she wasn't there. If we tried too hard to get her attention she shyed away. She had some issues of her own and finally after a year she is actually sociable. The first couple hours and few days it helped to have a few wand toys. She wanted them badly and she would eventually come out from hiding and after that she would investigate. it was a hopeless struggle with her, or so I thought. She's finally coming out of her shell and I'm beyond thankful that she is acting like a savannah. She was a year and she seemed almost unsocialized for awhile ... But don't be scared you have a young kitten :)

Just some time and patience on you end will help. We all know how hard it is to be patient. It's almost as bad as waiting for your kitten to go to your home. All you seem to want to do is cuddle and play and automatically have your new best friend. Don't worry Simba will open up and be a great kitty in time, sooner than you think I bet :) good luck hope to see pics!

Also in my opinion good idea to seperate your other kitty, if you can't keep them both separated properly that's the way to go as long as your other kitty doesn't get stressed in the process :)


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We should make a list of tips about this and make a sticky. I'll start working on it. In the meantime, follow the advice about sitting quietly in the room reading aloud so kitten will get used to your voice. If Simba comes over to sniff you or sit by you, don't try to touch him. Just let him get used to your presence. After a few days, try touching him lightly on his head or paw. First let him sniff your hand/fingers and if he appears comfortable, try petting him. Always best to approach with your hand in front of and below his chin. It can be scary to an animal to have a hand coming down on them from above.

When he starts playing with the wand toy, run the stick part over his back so he gets used to being touched by something. Depending on how well he responds to that and being near you, you can lightly touch him on the back from time to time or touch a paw.

When he's very very hungry, try hand feeding him. If that doesn't work, move his dish near you and sit on the floor while he eats. Gradually, depending on how well he responds, try petting him while he eats. And then try hand feeding him again.

You'll need to continue trying all of these tips until he understands your the momma and trust is established.


Thanks Marissa! How old was Tegra when you brough her home? was she shy of YOU for a year or just other people? I'm glad she is coming out of her shell!


Savannah Super Cat
Thanks Marissa! How old was Tegra when you brough her home? was she shy of YOU for a year or just other people? I'm glad she is coming out of her shell!
honestly I do not know. We were at the vet the next day and they estimated she was about 8 weeks, it was a situation breeder with foreclosure problems and we had previously spoken to them when azul was 6 months, things fell through on breeders behalf and then 6 months later we were STILL in the market for an f2 and we worked it out that we got both azul and tegra on the trip out there. She was an unexpected litter so getting her a home was important as fast as possible. The breeder isn't breeding anymore so it wasn't a scam or anything, just a bad situation. Either way tegra was great, she cried for the first half our car ride and then the next 6 hours or so I can't remember she was a total doll. She came in and she was boss. She put my Bengal boy in his place within the first hour. That is just her personality though, she had full reign of the house very quickly because she was so outgoing and in charge. To this day with bringing others into our home she is still on the top of the rank here.

Azul though was shy, she was bad with everyone, I could at least work with her. Since then she has come around to me and the hubby. She will come around certain people but not others. She senses who she likes and who she doesn't and she makes it obvious. We have a guy working for us and he's been around for about the time we have had her and she doesn't like him, he's a good guy and no reason to not like him but she is still paranoid when he is around. It's odd though because she will have no problem with some strangers (seems to be most females) I'm beyond impressed with how she has come around, she's an f2 and she can be temperamental I got super excited and had to text Julie the other day because for once she got a puffy tail playing and she actually went nuts playing.

Ah but please don't worry I guarantee your boy will come out of his shell,meh is just nervous and he will be fine! My situation was just different so don't be scared reading... Lol :)

Laura W

Savannah Super Cat
Marissa, Your post continues to give me hope for my Echo. :) As much as I want to just scoop him up, which I won't because he would just rip the heck out of me and worse, set the progress back, I see small improvements all the time and know I am doing the right thing by letting it happen in "his time."