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"He is probably temperamental because of his breed.."


Savannah Super Cat
Kovu isn't a big fan of the vet. Can't really blame him. I've never met a cat that liked having a thermometer put in his bum, or that liked to receive vaccinations, or get blood drawn, ect.

Yesterday at the vets office he was being more laid back than usual, didn't hiss at the vet tech at all. She said she was surprised he was being so sweet, because in his chart they have him labeled as being a temperamental cat because he is exotic. - ___ -

Kovu is actually VERY laid back. I was surprised she said that. She just seemed to have a "Savannahs are exotic & mean" kind of attitude. When I told her that he is very sweet at home, especially considering how loud & crazy Elijah can be at times, she seemed very surprised & told me I must be a lucky one. :uh oh:

Just curious how other people's cats (Savannahs or not) respond to trips to the vet.


Animal Communicator
My DSH is evil. I have him sedated for X-rays because he will destroy whoever is handling him.
Zeddie has only been once, but she was awesome for the exam, and cried for the needle but that was it.


Savannah Super Cat
I have taken my sisters DSH to the vet and he was really hard to treat. prob my worst exp at a vet with him.

my 2 Bengals are super easy. i feel bad for them though. they get so scared of being there that they get frozen in fear. they sit there and shake and they do not move. i'll hold them close to me so they feel a lil better but treating them is super easy since they don't move at all.

also when we get home its like nothing ever happened. they dont get mad at me or anything. my sisters DSH would take like a week to forgive you for taking him there.


Aniyah's mommy
My DSH, who is no longer with us, was an absolute TERROR at the vet's office!!! So much that they actually asked me either to sedate her or to not bring her back after her spay appointment! They had to have me go back to the kennel area to retrieve her because she was attacking everyone"giggle:

Now my dear sweet F2, Aniyah, on the other hand has been a total doll both times she has gone!!! The last appointment she had was her last set of vaccines. Didn't even flinch. Just sat there and purred and loved on the vet AND the vet tech. In fact, she was purring so much the first time she went he was unable to do much of an exam because all she wanted was some lovin'.:big grin:


Site Supporter
Our F5 boy D loves to go to the vet. He is not bothered by the shots or the exam, all he is interested in is making friends with everyone in the office.
Our F3 boy Jarvis is a different story; the vet has been bitten by him (it was Jarvis first visit), Jarvis has scratched the vet and the techs (more than once); and I understand that in order to insert the catheter prior to surgery (neuter), they had to sedate him. I also understand that his pre-neuter blood work was exciting for the vet and his staff. Now, Jarvis is still young, he is 7 months old, and we are working with him on the use of his claws and teeth, but the understanding that it is not ok to scratch or bite the humans at home does not seem to translate to the humans at the vet.

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
My vets love my Savannahs! They are all very well-behaved there; from kittens for their first visit to my shy, skittish F3 girl. She is calm and quiet there. They have told me horror stories about DSH cats biting, putting up a fight....I love my vets and the staff's attitudes that Savannahs are just any other cat, and not some potentially "dangerous" exotic....


My F3 is so frozen with fright, she doesn't move at all.. put her on the scale, clip her nails, clean the ears, shots. Vet and tech can pick her up and she just goes limp.
The F1 boy, requires a towel, me, the vet and tech to hold him down just for a check up. I Usually leave sweating and tired out. People in the waiting room are scared to death from the cat screaming. If there is a needle involved, OMG!


Savannah Super Cat
Vakai & Erra are angels at the vet, Vakai more than Erra. He's just so tolerant. Erra didn't mind shots or anything, but when they tried to carry her into the back for her microchip, well, she made a lot of noise. She doesn't like being held at all. And then she cries all the time in the carrier, makes more noise than 8 hungry five week old kittens.

Riyl is... well the vet and their techs didn't seem to mind, they were all like, "Oh, she's just being a kitten." She gave us all a hard time when it came to her rabies shot, though.

None of them have done any hissing or scratching or anything, at least.


My vet appreciates mine wearing walking jackets. Sometimes we have to remove the coat, but usually, for outline things, we leave them on. The vet has bought several jackets to sell from her office and use herself on difficult DSHs. lol


Staff member
when Taj was a kitten, he was sweet as sugar...and then he grew up! he is still a good boy, but is very, very strong and it take 4 people to hold him to do anything...he talks and talks, but they understand him TG! Zuri was also sweet as a kitten and can be a beast now at the vet...but she does not bite or scratch or anything...