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Hello from Manu // Germany


Savannah Super Cat
First of all,

thanks for beeing a part of savannahcatchat, i'm very happy to be here and may get/share knowledge about savannah's.

Something about me - my name is Manuel - i'm aged in the beginning 40's, working in the IT - living in a house with my mum and my life partner and our 4 cats. I've been sourrounded with cats since i was a little boy and the actual "Horde" is one original "visitor" DSH male red Tabby "Garfield" (he is 95% living in our house and garden by his own decision *hehe*) and two female DSH red tabby's Hetty (mum) & Lina (daughter).
I became infected to the savannah fever around 4 years ago - have informed myself throughout all what could be found about the race and one day - i adopted one more cat - a savannah - a wonderful girl named Nabila.
She was looking for a new home - cause the breeder gets into trouble and needed a new home for her.
I was that happy that i found her - and really she is too ... she needed only 3 weeks to get along with the 2 other girls they are now all best friends - ok Garfield seems to have some problems with a girl larger than him - but they are handling the things without harm :)
Yes, Nabila my savannah girl is 40cm in shoulder - height and is athletic muscular by a weight of 7.35kg
She is a F1 girl with an extraordenary charakter, she is that unique i've never thought before that there is such a strong bond possible between Nabila and me ... I'm her ever human and she is my catgirl. Just wunderful.

In the first steps i was not so sure if the 18 month old girl Nabila bonds with me - or get along with my other cats - but i must say - she was absolutely happy to find her new home and she is telling & showing this every day that she is happy.

So for now - a small introduction of me and the cat "Horde" Garfield,Hetty,Lina and Nabila.

If sombody has questions - you are welcome at any time.

Greets from germany Manuel

David Z

Site Supporter
Welcome to the forums Manuel, Garfield, Hetty, Lina and Nabila. I look forward to reading your stories and seeing pictures.



Staff member
Welcome Manual, we are so glad to have you here, and as with the others, I am dying to see pics of all your kitty family!


Savannah Super Cat
as wished :) introducing the "Horde"

starting up with Garfield :


no comment on the following - thats why he is named - GARFIELD :

and now Garfield with Hetty :



some more of Hetty :



after a time and Hetty's first pregnancy - Lina joined the "Horde"




meanwhile Hetty's second pregnancy after 18 month raising up Lina ... a new lil - Horde was upcoming :


the lil - Horde @ 15 weeks : (meanwhile all in best homes and hands)

(->Leopold,Letizia,Leila,P├Ąppels,Larrissa) Aug.2016


the red "Horde" at the side of Manu's life partner Kathi : (gosh all in one pic ... not easy to take)

(cat row -> Garfield,Lina,Hetty)


in November 2016 joined ... what else ??? - The Savannah !!! my Nabila Girl :




the - great paw :


and some nice random pics i found in the mix :





That's it for the moment i hope everybody enjoys the "Horde" introduction :)

Happy cat moments for all :) Manu


Site Supporter
Thank you! What lovelies you have, Nabila has such a sweet face. I'm envious of your orange girl, have had two orange boys in the past, always wanted a girl - they are not easy to find!


Savannah Super Cat
Thank you! What lovelies you have, Nabila has such a sweet face. I'm envious of your orange girl, have had two orange boys in the past, always wanted a girl - they are not easy to find!
Thanks a lot Ninja, and yes Nabila is that sweet an special ... Ok for an F1 Girl she didn't get the best coating and her ocelli markings are only light visible in sunshine light ... but she is tall, leggy, athletic and the best charakter :) big ears ... a total cute face with great eyes and markings ...

Really the red Tabby's are not so easy to find or to breed the genetics must fit ... I got 2 of these nice lil tigers and they are so cute ...
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